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Velvet Brown

Velvet Brown met Mi Taylor after walking home from school. She talks with him, then see's that Mr. Ede's new gelding has escaped. Velvet calms the horse, and Mr. Ede him up to keep him under control. After calling him a pirate, Velvet dubs him "the Pie". Read More >>

Featured Image

This month's featured image is of Velvet Brown, disguised as Ivan Taski, in line with the other jockeys prepping for the Grand National.

Velvet Brown is in the pink and yellow silks in the center riding the Pie.

Featured Character

Ivan Taski
Ivan Taski, who was born in Latvia, was a jockey who had travelled to several countries to ride different mounts. He rode one of his mounts, "Carlo", to the death. Mi Taylor and Velvet Brown pay him to ride the Pie in the Grand National, but Velvet turns him down when he acts like the Pie has no chance of winning. Read More >>

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Mi Taylor

Mi, the son of Dan Taylor, was a jockey in his earlier years, but was involved in a crash during a race at Manchester that tangled up several horses and killed a fellow jockey. This event caused him to stop riding, and just become a drifter that went from town to town finding homes to reside at temporarily (in most cases, stealing a bit of money). One day, he finds himself resting at the sign that directs to Sewels. On her way home from school, Velvet Brown meets Mi, and talks with him.

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  • As of October 25th, we're up and runnin'!
  • Two years until the 70th anniversary of National Velvet!

Featured Trivia

  • During the race scene, closeups of Velvet were filmed in the studio, while the rest of the race was on-location.
  • Elizabeth Taylor did almost all of her own stunts, including the race scene.

Featured Quote

"That'll be a dispute to the end of time, Mr. Brown: whether it's better to do the right thing for the wrong reason or the wrong thing for the right reason."
Mrs. Brown[[src]]