Mr. Ede
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Name Mr. Ede
Gender Male
Race White
Born Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Portrayed By Reginald Owen

Mr. Ede is the former owner of The Pie as well as a neighbor and friend of the Brown family.

Biography Edit

Mr. Ede lived near the Brown family in Sewels, England and was known to own horses. One day Velvet noticed he had a new gelding horse. However, the horse kept escaping, inspiring Mr. Ede to raffle off the horse. Velvet comes out the winner, and takes the horse as her own. Mr. Ede was a family friend of the Browns, and would visit occasionally.

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Ede was portrayed by Reginald Owen.
  • According to Herbert, Mr. Ede was the 9th person to place a bet on The Pie, betting one pound.