Miss Sims
Name Miss Sims
Gender Female
Race White
Born Unknown
Occupation Teacher
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Brown (Graying)
Eye Color Blue
Portrayed By Norma Varden

Miss Sims is a teacher at the local school in Sewels. Miss Sims teaches Edwina, Malvolia, and Velvet. She possibly becomes Donald's teacher when he's old enough to start school.

Biography Edit

On the last day of school, Miss Sims bid farewell to all of her students for the summer, shaking each of their hands. Later in the next school year, she received a letter telling Velvet to come home at once because The Pie is sick.

Trivia Edit

  • Miss Sims is played by Norma Varden.
  • She is only in two scenes.
  • After the events of "National Velvet" Miss Sims retired from teaching and later died.