"Mi" brown
Name "Mi" brown
Gender Male
Race White
Born December 20 1991
Occupation Jockey (formerly)
Height 5'3"
Weight 115
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Portrayed By Mickey Rooney
 Michael "'Mi" Taylor is a fast talking former jockey who helps Velvet and The Pie train for the Grand National.

Biography Edit

Mi, the son of Dan Taylor, was a jockey in his earlier years, but was involved in a crash during a race at Manchester that tangled up several horses and killed a fellow jockey. This event caused him to stop riding, and just become a drifter that went from town to town finding homes to reside at temporarily (in most cases, stealing a bit of money). One day, he finds himself resting at the sign that directs to Sewels. On her way home from school, Velvet Brown meets Mi, and talks with him. Suddenly, their conversation is interrupted when Mr. Ede's gelding escapes. Velvet runs to stop the horse, which she does successfully. From there, Mi continues walking towards the Brown family's house, as he knew his father, Dan Taylor, had worked with Velvet's mother. At first Mi wanted nothing but to steal money from the Brown's. However, he got to liking the family, and decided not to. 

Trivia Edit

  • Mi Taylor was portrayed by Mickey Rooney.
  • Sometimes, his name is mistaken for "Mike" by fans.
  • In "International Velvet" Mi isn't seen or mentioned again.
  • In the book Mi is Herbert's assisant at his butcher shop.