Ivan Taski
Ivan Taski
Name Ivan Taski
Gender Male
Race White
Born Unknown
Occupation Jockey
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Portrayed By Eugene Loring
"She's what you call "crazy", eh?"
―Ivan Taski

Ivan Taski is a Latvian jockey.

Biography Edit

Born in Latvia, Ivan Taski had travelled to several different countries to ride the different mounts he was hired to. One of the horses he rode, "Carlo", died of exhaustion. Mi Taylor and Velvet Brown pay him to ride the Pie, but, when they talk with him in person, he talks down about the horse. Velvet turns him down when he acts like the Pie has no chance of winning. It is unknown why Ivan Taski did not show up for the race (Mi possibly talked to him and told him not to come).

Trivia Edit