Edwina Brown
Name Edwina Brown
Gender Female
Race White
Born Unknown
Occupation Student
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Portrayed By Angela Lansbury

Edwina Brown, nicknamed 'Dwina, is the oldest child of Herbert and Araminty Brown and the older sister of Malvolia, Velvet, and Donald.

Biography Edit

Edwina Brown is the oldest child in the Brown family. When school ended for the summer, she told Velvet that her "heart skipped a beat for boys" (Ted in particular). She met with Ted that night, and was kissed in the front yard. In several cases, Edwina was more interested in her boyfriend than her family's feelings such as in the case when The Pie was ill, but she only cried about Ted moving to Lancaster with his aunt. However, she does express pride for Velvet later on.

Traits and Appearance Edit

Edwina was relatively selfish girl in the beginning, but changed up a bit after learning from Velvet that it isn't all about yourself sometimes.

Trivia Edit

  • Edwina Brown is played by Angela Lansbury.
  • Edwina thinks that Donald is gross. 
  • In the book Edwina is a bit nicer to her younger siblings. 
  • In the book Edwina is the oldest out of five children. She has tree younger sisters named Malvolia, Meredith, Velvet, and Donald. Meredith isn't seen or mentioned in the movie or the TV show.