Donald Brown
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Name Donald Brown
Gender Male
Race White
Born Unknown
Occupation None
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Portrayed By Jackie "Butch" Jenkins

Donald Brown is the youngest child and only son of Herbert and Araminty Brown. Donald is the younger brother of Edwina, Malovila, and Velvet.

Biography Edit

In several cases, Donald made several irrelevant comments, probably due to his age. His most notable possession was an insect bottle he wore around his neck that contained several ants. Donald looks up to Mi. A running gag through out the movie is Donald saying that he was sick all night. Donald has a habit of lying. As an adult Donal left England and moved to Cave Creek, Arizona with his wife and their baby daughter Sarah Velvet. In "International Velvet" Donald and his wife die from their injuries in a car accident. As a reslult of their deaths Sarah is forced to give her dog away and move in with Velvet and her boyfriend John. 

Trivia Edit

  • Donald Brown was played by Jackie "Butch" Jenkins.
  • In the book Donald carries around a bottle of his spit around his neck. 
  • In the book Donald has a 15 year old sister named Meredith giving him four older sisters named Edwina, Meredith, Malovila, and Velvet. Meredith isn't seen or mentioned in the movie and the TV series.