Becher's Brook is the sixth and twenty-second jump of the Grand National.

History Edit

The jump is taken twice during the race, as the 6th and 22nd fence. It has always been a controversial and notorious obstacle, generally because the angle and size of the 6'9" drop on the landing side. A few jockeys have compared the jump to "jumping off the edge of the world." The fence was named for Captain Martin Becher, who fell from from his mount, Conrad, on the first Grand National. He took shelter in the brook to avoid injury. When Velvet Brown saw the Pie the second time, she witnessed him jump the hedge at East Meadow, which Mi Taylor discovered was the same measurement as Becher's. During the race, she took the jump calmly since she had taken similar jumps at home.

Trivia Edit

  • The hedge at East Meadow was the same measurement as Becher's Brook, which first sparked the idea in Velvet's head to enter the Pie in the race when she saw him jump it.